Precision Sports Physical Therapy is committed to helping you increase your quality of life by being the best version of yourself. We will work with you to overcome your pain, regain your function and mobility, and prevent any further injuries.

At our clinic, we are all about the satisfaction and recovery of our patients. During rehabilitation, we push our patients to be the best they can be. We challenge them to maximize physical therapy results so they can achieve their desired level of physical strength.

Whether you’re an athlete recovering from a sports-related injury or someone suffering from a chronic condition, you can expect to receive only the highest level of quality care at Precision Sports Physical Therapy.

We strive to foster a helpful and supportive environment. To achieve ultimate success, we need to be able to work together. Thus, you can rely on us to be your care team to help you perform at your best – whether it’s at a sports stadium, at home, or your office job.

We don’t ever want our patients to be limited by pain. And we want you to know that even if you’re suffering right now – there is hope. Everyone on our team makes every effort to make your journey to recovery a fruitful and enjoyable one.

about eric steinke, pt, dpt

Eric is an accomplished physical therapist with over six years of experience in the field. He has extensive experience working with athletes – from professional, amateur, to student-athletes as well as highly athletic individuals. He is passionate about helping patients achieve higher levels of mobility and function.

A graduate of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Eric has completed numerous sport-specific educational courses and has worked in the orthopedic and sports settings in Fort Worth, Houston, and Waco. He loves learning and continuing to adapt to the ever-changing physical therapy landscape. He is currently working on completing his Sports Clinical Specialist certification along with the Institute for Athlete Regeneration Fellowship program in Sports and Orthopedic Manual Therapy. These efforts increase his understanding of the field, which in turn makes him a better practitioner.

Eric has decided to open his own practice, Precision Sports Physical Therapy, in order to bridge the gap between physical therapy and strength and conditioning. With these techniques combined, Eric believes that better human performance can be achieved. He makes sure each patient – athletes and non-athletes – can progress and perform better in the clinic and their normal environment.

Outside of work, Eric leads a very active lifestyle. He enjoys being with his family outdoors or at a sporting event.